The National Restaurant Association Approved 

ServSafe®  Course Includes:


  • Keeping food Safe- Foodborne Illnesses, How They Occur, Safety Responsibilities

  • Understanding the Microworld- Pathogens, Bacteria, Viruses, Parasites, Fungi, Biological Toxins

  • Contamination, Food Allergens and foodborne Illness- Physical and Chemical Contaminants, Deliberate Contamination and Food Allergens

  • Safe Food Handling- Personal Hygiene and Contamination

  • The Flow of Food- Cross-Contamination, Time-Temperature Control

  • Purchasing and Receiving- Purchasing, Receiving and Inspection Guidelines

  • Storage- General and Item Specific Safe Storage Guidelines

  • Preparation- Preparation, Cooking, Cooling and Reheating Food

  • Service- Holding, Serving and Off-Site Serving Safety

  • Food Safety Management- Management Systems and Active daily and Crisis Management

  • Safe Facilities and Equipment- Safe Operation, Equipment Selection, Installation and Maintenance

  • Cleaning and Sanitizing- Dishwashing, Cleaning the Premises, Developing a cleaning program

  • Pest Management- Integrated Pest Management Programs, Identifying, Treatment, Working with a Pest Control Operator and Pesticides

  • Food Safety Regulation and Standards- Government Agencies, Inspections, Industry Controls

  • Staff Food Safety Training- Training Staff, Methods







ServSafe®  Certification is extremely important for anyone working in the Restaurant Industry.  

It is offered via the National Restaurant Association and is Nationally Accredited in all 50 States.  

Safe food handling is critical for the safety of consumers and employees in the foodservice industry. 

 Having a ServSafe®  certification is favorable by an employer in choosing

who they hire over someone who doesn’t have the certification.

Any student is able to take this course. There is no minimum age requirement.

Success4life has qualified and screened instructors and bring ServSave courses into the faciltieis.

This program will be broken down into four classes which will be four hours each for a total of 16 hours.

The class size will consist of 5 – 10 students per session.

ServSafe® Certification Classes

No Minimum Age

Any Student is able to take the ServSafe Course

Certificates are Awarded

After the Successful Completion of the Course and the ServSafe Exam

Success4Life's Instructor

Is a Registered ServSafe Protor as well as a Certified ServSafe Instructor